The Baron of Euro is the Hero Suit used by Deborah Kizaki. The Baron is a very agile Hero Suit and is exemplified by the elegance of its movement; It also wields a rapier, allowing it to have a decent distance from suits that use fists as a weapon. The main motif of this suit is roses as most of it's attacks involve the rose-like rapier it wields.


  • La Vie en Rose: The Baron makes a star pattern with its rapier then fires it at the enemy, dealing a large sum of damage. This is The Baron's finisher move.
  • Poison Spike: The Baron fires a blast from it's weapon that fires a swarm of rose petals at the enemy. This attacks poisons the enemy, causing them to lose health over time.
  • Rose Rapier: The Baron quickly lunges at his foe, stabbing them with the tip of his rapier.
  • Secret Garden: The Baron causes a flurry of rose petals to assault his foe and distract them.


  • This is the first hero suit in the anime to have an additional effect to one of it's attacks, in this case, poison.
  • The poison damage does not cause a suit to be defeated, it can only reduce them to 1 bar.