Sniper Cleaning ¥ Nagare Amano's Determination!! is the second episode of Hero Bank. It first aired in Japan on April 14, 2014.


As Kaito, his friends and sister begin to discuss how to work on the 10 billion yen debt, his sister hires them to help with a deal at the supermarket. They are about to enter right before being challenged by Shishio Torai who leads the group, Tigalion! Torai doesn't only want to play for fun, however, he bets that he'll do anything for Kaito if he loses but Kaito must give him Enter the Gold if he loses! Enter the Gold proceeds to knock out his opponent in one attack. Nagare is visited by the Money Ghost later that night and decides to battle Kaito the next day. Nagare uses his Hero Suit, Sniping Sweeper, to battle.