Sekito Sakuraba is a character in the second ark of the story. He first appears in episode 27.

Sekito Sakuraba
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Character information
Gender Male
Episode debut Episode 27


He is a young boy in elementary school of average height. He has long, messy black hair and is always seen wearing red and white headphones.



No one really knows much about Sekito, but in many instances, it is shown in forms of foreshadowing that Sekito could possibly be either a robot or a money fairy/digital being like Boo. Some instances are his not eating, his almost inhuman agaility and balance, his ability to intercept on Hero Battles, and his immunity to the Resort Virus of Emiya Bukimi. Another instance of this forwshadowing is when money zombified Fukuta insults him about being inhuman, antisocial and not eating, as well as being "a boring guy with no humanity", which makes Sekito react at the "no humanity" part. There are three more additions, when Kakei uses the new and improved Resort Virus 2, Sekito doesn't react at all to its affects. When Kakei kidnaps Sekito, he ties him up to a table and puts him through one of those medical exam machines, to see into his body, and he finds something. Also, when Sekito defends Kaito from getting shot, Nagare checks his pulse, and says he doesn't feel it as well as the fact that Sekito isn't breathing. After Kaito says how he doesn't want Sekito to die as he cries, Sekito opens his eyes, saying "Don't just kill me off like that", to everyone else's astonishment, excluding Kakei, who was about to tell the group why Sekito didn't die, before getting pulled out of the top of the tower, presumably by the Cyber Bureau Secratary; who seconds later stabs Sekito in the stomach with a sword. 

It is then later revealed, by Sekito himself when he tells Kaito and co., that his father was Money Ghost. 


Sekito first appears at the end of episode 27 after saving Kaito and Nagare from two Rampages Suits. He used a basketball in the battle and disabled the incoming black money. Kaito and Nagare then defeated them easily. After the battle, Sekito confronts them, seemingly disappointed at what the 'world's greatest tag-team' had to offer. He says that he'll put it on check and leaves, warning them to be careful of the Seizure Towers.


Hero Suit

His Hero Suit is Credit Loan Wolf. It is unique and is not one of the known suits .