Kaito Gōshō
Kaito Gōshō
豪勝 カイト
Gōshō Kaito
Character information
Gender Male
Relatives Ai Gōshō (sister)
Hero Bad Boy Commander (former)

Enter The Gold (current) Enter The Speed Enter The Prize

Organization Big Money Company
Episode debut Bling Bling¥ Enter the Gold Appears!!
Seiyū Yuuko Sanpei

Kaito Gōshō is the main protagonist of the Hero Bank series and president of the Big Money company.


Kaito is your typical shonen anime main character. He is immature, naive, and his motives are pure, which all make him the kind of character who fits perfectly into the spot of "the sun", as stated by Nagare Amano. He has typical male kid humor, usually about butts, and is not afraid to fight without a Hero Suit, which means that he's stark naked, in front a whole lot of people. He is always trying to make people smile, and though he usually doesn't filter what comes out of his mouth, even if it'll make people uncomfortable, he still has his own wisdom in him in a different way.


When Kaito was very young, his parents died, leaving him and his older sister, Ai, to live with their grand father.


Kaito has a rather normal look to him in that sense, seeing as he's that type of character. He has tanned skin, round blue eyes, a sort of stubby nose, and a scar right under his right eye, as well as a bandage on his left cheek. He's average height for his age, which has not yet been revealed, and has a virtually slim build. He has red and black hair styled in a regent, which is modeled after Bad Boy General of his favorite television program. He has red eyebrows, and lastly for bodily appearance, he has a small lock of hair falling from his regent that he just never seems to notice.

In terms of clothing, Kaito wears a red jacket with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows that has golden buttons. This jacket also has a golden beetle emblem on the left beast, and as this is seen a few more instances, usually around the Gōshō household, it is assumed that this is his family emblem. Bellow his jacket, Kaito wears a black shirt, and his Bankfon hangs around his neck on a white, detachable lanyard. On his lower half, Kaito wears red pants, once again rolled up and resting at his knees, held up by a rope belt. Kaito wears normal read and white sneakers and white socks inside as footwear.

Kaito is one of the characters who study at Big Money Elementary who doesn't wear the school uniform. The reason for this is unknown.

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